SignalCheck To-Do List

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Bug Reports

Bugs are a higher priority than feature requests. If you are experiencing a problem, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version before asking for help. The following items have been reported as bugs, and work is in progress to confirm and resolve them. Crossed out items have been fixed in a version that is in testing but not publicly released yet.

  • Android 8.0 devices display repeated logcat warnings about notification audio streams.
  • Invalid data may be shown when Wi-Fi Calling is enabled.
  • Home screen shortcut and/or widget sometimes disappears when app is updated.
  • Widget displays improperly on some devices. (Pro)
  • Various Known Issues which cause problems in SignalCheck but must be fixed by others.

Feature Requests

Here is a list of suggestions that are planned for SignalCheck in the future.. this list is roughly prioritized, with the more important suggestions near the top. New features are always being added; some may take longer due to complexity. Crossed out items have been added to a version that is in testing but not publicly released yet. Feel free to let us know if you have more suggestions!

  • Dual SIM support
  • Mapping site locations
  • Drive Mode to show limited data in large readable fonts
  • Frequency information for GSM-based connections
  • Option to set quiet hours for alerts
  • Ability to view log .db files
  • Ability to import logs without losing existing data
  • Ability to import logs automatically from a specified URL
  • Export log using standard Android Share menu
  • Export .csv log limited to a custom date range
  • Integration with OpenCellID and/or Cellmapper
  • Option to add provider name to second line of widget
  • DashClock plug-in implementation
  • Optional alerts for when telephone calls are unavailable but data is connected
  • Optional alerts for when Wi-Fi is connected or lost
  • Optional status bar icon to indicate data connection status
  • Optional status bar icon to indicate telephone calls are unavailable
  • Improved widget design
  • Widget for airplane mode
  • Widget for system shortcuts
  • Show live map view with signal data overlay
  • Option to trigger alerts only when connecting to a particular site for the first time
  • Transparent overlay mode to continue using device with signal information remaining on-screen
  • PCI status bar icons
  • Option to disable alerts upon headset or Bluetooth connection
  • Option to poll Wi-Fi more frequently
  • Optional Wi-Fi signal status bar icon
  • Optional icon to display provider name or abbreviation

Future Wishes

These are items which would make great additions to SignalCheck, but are not possible at this time due to hardware and/or software limitations beyond our control. Development efforts on these items will continue whenever new information becomes available.

  • Method to force radio band re-scan
  • Method to lock LTE band
  • EV-DO sector & provider information for non-HTC devices
  • PN information display